Safety - The Hitting Vault

Be Safe When You Train.

Keeping you SAFE is a huge priority in this program. That being said, if you do not know how to do a specific movement or are unfamiliar with how to use equipment, make sure to reach out to a coach or fitness instructor who does know, or scale the movement back to something that you do know.

Part of being safe is knowing your limits. For some, this will be an intense program, and harder than you thought. Make sure you listen to your body, rest if needed, and scale the weights/movements to your strength level. If you are just getting started with a strength program, please remember one of our core philosophies at The Hitting Vault:

Don’t RUSH the process, TRUST this process.

If you are not yet where you want to be physically, it’s critical to trust the process. Strength, flexibility and fitness levels are the result of hard work, consistency and dedication. There is no quick fix. If you are rushing this process, you are putting yourself at risk for injury and keeping you off the playing field. Know your limits, and push those limits safely and effectively to unlock your power.

Please keep the following best practices in mind when working on unlocking your power with SwingFit:

  • When doing heavy lifts like bench press, deadlift or back squat, use a spotter to monitor your form and provide help if needed. It is strongly advised to use spotters on any movements requiring weights.
  • Maintain good athletic form when performing each exercise. Chest out with a straight back and emphasis on “staying tall” throughout the entire movement.
  • Pay special attention to the proper technique described in each SwingFit video. Poor technique places unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints and can lead to injury. Remember that you’re only cheating yourself and putting yourself at risk by lifting heavier and sacrificing proper technique.
  • Ensure that you have the right equipment to perform each exercise. If there is equipment that you do not have at home, go to your local gym or school facility to utilize the proper equipment.
  • If it’s a new movement for you, do a lift with just the barbell, no weights. Then once you are sure you are moving properly, then get adjust to your ideal weight.
  • Maintain proper breathing throughout the exercise. When lifting heavy weights, it’s easy to lose track of your breathing patterns. Remember our muscles need oxygen to perform at their best so keep your breathing consistent and controlled.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: If at anytime you feel abnormal pain or discomfort, stop the exercise immediately. Reduce the weight, or scale the exercise back to accommodate for your fitness level. As your fitness progresses, you will start to understand your body and feel the amount of strain that your muscles can endure.
  • Please remember these important safety tips when utilizing the SwingFit program. Above all else, we want all of our members to be safe and in peak condition to perform on game day.